Matia Pivirotto


Education and training

Personal skills and competences

Mother tongue


Other Languages:

Understanding Speaking Writing
Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production
English B2 Proficient user B2 Proficient user B2 Proficient user B2 Proficient user B2 Proficient user

Social skills and competences

- Good ability to adapt to multicultural environments due to my experiences in the social fields and voluntary sector
- Good communication skills both verbal and listening gained through university and my working experience.
- Friendly, Diplomatic, Adaptable, Reliable,Proactive thinking.

Organisational skills and competences

- Team player who excels at building trusting relationships with colleagues and customers.
- Creative thinking.
- High attention to details.

Technical skills and competences

- Use of Windows OS and LINUX OS
- Regular use of the net (email,social marketing)
- Use of Microsoft Office Applications
- Good knowledge of scripting coding language/metalanguage : Javascript, PHP, SQL, HTML, XML
- Good knowledge of imperative/object coding language : C,C++,Java,C# and Python
- Good knowledge of functional programming , in particular the Microsoft property language: F#
- Discrete knowlege of networking and net systems (CISCO config)
- ECDL computer driver license
- Good knowledge of Cloud Distributed Infrastructure: Azure, Elastic Cloud
- Good knowledge of penetration testing software: Wireshark / Metasploit
- Good knowledge of CMS Wordpress and Site building/developing(Hosting,FTP,SEO)

Artistic skills and competences

- music: Guitar

Other skills and competences

- Loyal, Conscientious, Punctual,Proactive thinking